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Culture & Heritage trip: Lhasa-Shigatse (6days/5nights)
$ 862
Departure Location: xizang
Travel Days: 6 days
Travel Transportation:
Return transportation:
Meeting Place:

Finding a way inTibetto have a better understanding of Tibetan culture, legacy & sightseeing trip. 
Go and visit tibetan people family. Enjoy the butter tea, tsampa and Tibetan barley wine to find out the natural Tibetan life. 

The unique manufacturing process gives our customers a greater appreciation of the heirloom quality and value of their Ralo carpet.
Naturally made Tibetan Incense, hand roll Tibetan incense sticks, in their home cottage industriesWith this, the virtuous ones will experience a higher form of existence and will have all their general and specific wishes fulfilled in there workshop.



 Day01 Arrive Lhasa After arrive inLhasa, rest and acclimatize. Overnight inLhasa.

 Day02LhasaThe first day of sightseeing starts fromLhasa's cardinal landmark-Potala Palace, a structure of massive portions. It takes at least a good 2-hour to visit those rooms, halls and chapels. Some2kmto the east of the Potala is the most revered religious structure inTibet.Jokhang Temple. Bustling with worshippers and redolent with mystery, the Jokhang is an unrivalled experience. The quadrangle of streets surrounding the Jokhang is the Barkhor- Lhasa's most interesting pilgrimage circuit. This area of theOldTownis both the spiritual heart ofLhasaand the main commercial district for Tibetans. Overnight inLhasa(B)

 Day 03:Lhasa-Drepung monastery and Tibetan carpet workshop. About8kmwest of centralLhasais the Drepung, once world's largest monastery with about 10,000 monks. This day's sightseeing begins with these white monastic buildings piled up on the hillside. Walking up to the hill is a pleasant thing, an easy break from the solemn ambience inside the halls and chapels. At the plat roof of hillside, you can have very good views of the wholeLhasacity and the distant mountains. All Tibetan carpets have cotton "fringe" on the ends, this is the natural remaining ends of the weft threads once the carpet is cut off the loom. Since some customers prefer the look and practicality of a clean edge, the fringe is often folded underneath the rug, covered with a strip of canvas, and hand bound .Overnight inLhasa. (B) 

Day04 Lhasa-Yamdroktso-Shigatse. Yamdroktso(4441m), one ofTibet's three holy lakes, is located110kmoutside ofLhasa. It's mostly mountain road, winding and bumpy, even thrilling somewhat. After about 3 1/2 hours' driving, climbing over the snow pass of Kambala(5030m), the dazzling Yamdroktso just lies several hundred meters below the road Far in the distance is the huge massif of Mt. Nojin Kangtsang(7191m). Visit the Old Town of Shigatse after arrive, a great place to wander around: Nicely decorated Tibetan houses and interesting(B)

 Day05 Shigatse-Lhasa. Tibetan incense workshop. Miles away from Shigaste, you can already see the gold tops of Tashilhunpo shinning under the sun. While Tashilhunpo's magnificent outside leaves you gasp in admiration, the inside of this monastery introduces you more religious tranquility and sincerity. Tibetan Incense or Dhoop are handmade in theHimalayasaccording to traditional Tibetan recipes. The ancient art of making Tibetan incense is the traditional masala method in which natural resins, flowers, spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs are blended with the natural glue to create these bamboo - less stick incense in accordance with the oldest Buddha recipes. Drive backLhasa. Overnight inLhasa(B)

 Day06 LeaveLhasa. Pack your luggage and get ready for leaving. The guide will transfer you to the railway station. Say goodbye toTibetand fly out. (B)



1. the Alien's Travel Permit,

 2. 1 Non-Ac jeep/van for tour transportation, 

3. accommodation based on twin-bed room in hostels 

4. 1 English-speaking guide, 

5. mentioned sightseeing entrance fees, 

Excludes: airfare or train tickets, tips, not mentioned meals, personal expense 

Highlights: Tibet Culture&Heritage: Carpet: Hand made rugs have been part of the Tibetan culture for hundreds of years. They are an integral part of the daily life and Buddhist practices of typical Tibetan households. These beautiful pieces are highly valued and are passed on from generation to generation. In olden times a young woman might spend months weaving a set to bring into her new home upon marriage. All Tibetan carpets have cotton "fringe" on the ends, this is the natural remaining ends of the weft threads once the carpet is cut off the loom. Since some customers prefer the look and practicality of a clean edge, the fringe is often folded underneath the rug, covered with a strip of canvas, and hand bound. Incense: Tibetan incense is made from recipes in the medical Tantras some them recorded from the time of Buddha. This superior quality incense is an exceptional blend of flowers, plants, herbs and spices (cardamom and nutmeg) scented with musk, saffron and sandalwood from theHimalayas. Its completely natural fragrance will help bring favor from the Celestial realm to benefit all sentient beings. It is believed that Tibetan incense is used to relieve stress, restore emotional equilibrium and rebalance the wind element. notes:Tibetan aroma therapeutic incense is purely hand prepared from aromatic herbs in high altitude regions ofTibetaccording to fundamental principles of the ancient Tibetan traditional system of medicine that originated some 2500 years ago. This incense is totally absent of chocking and camphor smell and is non - toxic. Generally Tibetan Incense is used for Puja offering and purification and also used as air freshener which keeps one's surroundings flavored with a good scent.

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