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Yarlung Valley
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City: xizang
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      The  Yarlung Valley is considered the cradle of Tibetan civilisation.It  was from Yarlung that the early Tibetan kings unified Tibet in the 7th century and their massive burial mounds still dominate the area around Chongye.Yumbulagang,perched on a crag like a medieval European castle,is another major attraction of the area and the site of Tibet's oldest building.

       The major attrations of the Yarlung Valley can just about be seen in a day,but this is abeautiful part of Tibet for extended hiking and day walks.You'll need to specify on your permit exactly where you wang to go.

       The 2051km long Ynluzan gbu River tums and twists like a sliver dragon from the west to the east into the valleys of the South Tibet ,running through Muotuo county .After a 90-degree turn ,it empites into the Indian Ocean. People can have a good time on their yak hide boats or canoes at the upper level of the River with going down to the lower level ,which is quite exciting and challenging .

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