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Rongphu Monastery
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City: xizang
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     Although three were probably some monastic settlements in yhe region for several hundrede years previously,Rongphu  Monastery is the main Buddhist center in the valley and once coordinated the activities of around a dozen smaller regious institutions,all smaller religious institutions,all of which are now ruined.It was established in 1902 by Nyingmapa lama.While not of great antiquity,Rongphu  Monastery can at least lay claim to being the highest monstery in Tibet and thus the world.

   Renovation work has been ongoing at the monstery since 1983,and some of the interior murals are superb. The monstery and its large chorten make a great photograph with Everest thrusting its head skyward in the background.

  Tent Camp,new to the Everest scene is this group of yak fur tents lining the side of the dirt road between Rongphu  Monastery and Base Camp.Donot come expecting an isolated camp of welcoming nimads -Tibetans from Tashi Dzom and other nearby villages run the tents like small b=hotels.So no one tent gets too much bussiness,each tent is only allowed a maximum of five tourists.Large groups are divided into different tents,and some groups have reported that they were not even allowed to eat toghter in the same tent.

     Be careful with your belongs as the tents are open all the time and offer no security.It is best to leave everything in your 4WD if possible.This may seem obvious,but also be careful not to touch the stovepipe,which can get scalding hot when the stove is burning .Some tents can get smoky inside;there is little you can do about this,apart from moving to a different tent.

    This is the furthest point vechicle can drive to and is an incredibly scenic place to stay.You are hemmed in by high grey ridges to the east and west and as you look to the skyline.This is prime real estate and it is yours for a pittance.

    Donnot expect any privacy at the camp,though;tents sleep six people in an open area around the central stove.Even with the fire going it is still bloody cold.Blankets are provided but you are better off with a sub-zero sleeping bag.

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