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City: xizang
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        Known as Bomi in Chinese,this bustling county capital has well-stocked shops and several hotels and restaurants,making it a logical place to spend the night.The twon itself is not pretty to look at,but the surrounding scenery is lovely and there is scope for exploring nearby valleys.

      Around 6km west of Pomi is the tranquil,600-year-old Nyingma-sect Dodung Monastery,set on a pine-clad hill overlooking the valley and home to 56 monks.The main prayer hall includes the footprint of the seventh Khamtrul Rinpoche,Sangye Tenzin.Upstairs are murals depicting the life story of two forms of Gesar,as well as Guru Rinpoche and Tsepame.The monastery is a branch of Chayab Monastery and so there are some photos of the sixth Taksam Rinpoche.Several delightful mani lhakhangs make up the rest of the lovely complex.

      To reach the monastery from Pomi,cross the road bridge over the Parlung Tsangpo,opposite the Jiaotonglvguan,and take the first right.The dirt track you are on continues all the way to Metok but after about three to four kilometers you need to turn sharp left uphill to the monastery.

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