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City: xizang
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        Rawok has the ramshackle and temporary feel of a frontier outpost,but without the charm.The short main drag is strewn with guesthouse and noodle joints,not to mention the occasional body part.Fortunately,you can skip all this by staying a few hundred metres east of twon in what is quite possibly the coolest guethouse in all of Tibet,situated literally on the waters of Ngan-tso.

       It is,after all,the stunning lakes of Ngan-tso and Rawok-tso that most travellers stop here for,and there are great opportunities for walking round them.

       The old town is also worth a wander.A road leads into the warren from the north end of the  Rawok strip.From here you can work your way way through to the large chorten,mani wall and small temple overlooking the lake in the southest of twon.The surroungding fields are full of wooden platforms for drying barley.

       It is woeth heading north of twon and taking the side road southest for around 6km to the second lake,Rawok-tso.The views here are excellent and it is a great place for picnic.It is a popular location for Chinese tourists,who come to watch the sunrise.

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