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Chongye Burial Mounds
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City: xizang
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        The  Chongye Burial Mounds represent one of the few historical sites in the country that gives any evidence of a pre-Buddhist culture in Tibet.Most of the kings interred here are now firmly associated with the rise of Buddhism on the high plateau,but the methods of their interment point to the Bon faith.It is thought that the burials were probably officiated by Bon priests and were accompanied by sacrifical offerings.Archaeological evidence suggests that earth burial,not sky burial,might have been limited to royalty.

      Accounts of the location and number of the mounds differ.Erosion of the mounds has also made some of them difficult to accurately identify.It is agreed,however,that there is agroup of 10 burial mounds just south of the Chongye-chu.

     The most revered of the mounds,and the closest to the main road, is the Tomb of Songtsen Gampo.It has a small Nyingmapa temple atop its 13m-high summit.The furthest of the group of mounds,high on the slopes of Mt Mura,is the Tomb of Trisong Detsen.It is about a one-hour climb,but there are superb views of the Chongye Valley.

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