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Gantse Kumbum
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City: xizang
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     Commissioned by a Gyantse prince in 1427,the Gyantse Kumbum is the town;s foremost attraction.The 35m-high chorten,with its crown-like golden dome,is awe-inspiring.But the iside is no less impressive,and in what seems an endless series of tiny chapels you will find painting after exquisite painting(kumbum means 100000 images).

     The Gyantse Kumbum has been described as the most important of its kind in Tibet.There are only two contemporarses,ruined and remote,in the Buddhist world;Jonang Kumbum,60km northeast of Lhatse.and the even more remote Chung Riwoche in the west of Tsang.However,it is commonly held that neither could ever compare with the style and grandeur of the Gyantse Kumbum.

     You can enter the  Kumbum and follow a clockwise route that leads murmuring pilgrims up through the six floors,taking in the dozens of rather tiny chapels that recede into the walls along the way.Much during the Cultural Revolution but the murals have weathered well. They date back to the 14th century,and if they were not creatd byNewari artisans then they were obviously influenced by Newari and Chinese forms with Tibetan sensibilities,the emergence of a syncretic but distinctly Tibetan style of painting.

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