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City: xizang
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    It is considered as the most scared mountain by Buddhists and Hindus alike. Buddhists believe it to be the axis of Mt.sumem,the central mountain amidst the tour continents of the old concept of the world system.Hindus believe it to be the throne of Shiva . Kailash is a beautiful in appearance, thickly covered with snows and hovering dominatingly above its surrounding peaks though its altitude is “only 140meters.

    Century B.C,is standing on the top of a hill on the rest of a hill on the east bank of the Yalong River in the southeast of Naidong county.The castle can be divided into front and back 2 parks .The front part is a 3-storey building ,while the black part is a castle like tall building .

    Sightseeing begins with these white monastic buildings piled up on the hillside.  Walking up to the hill is a pleasant thing, an easy break from the solemn ambience inside the halls and chapels.  At the plat roof of hillside, you can have very good views of the whole Lhasa city and the distant mountains.

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