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Sera monastery
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City: xizang
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     Sera monastery was founded in 1419 by a disciple of Tsongkhapa named Sakya Yeshe. Before a monastery was built in Sera, Tsongkhapa had established hermitages in the cliffs above. Over the years, the monastery grew to have close to 6000 monks. Sera and Drepung monasteries became the largest Geluk sect monasteries in Tibet. Today Sera has around 600 monks. 

     Approximately 5km north of central Lhasa,Sera monastery was one of Lhasa's two great Gelugpa monasteries,second  only to Drepung.Its once-huge monastic population of around 5000 momks has now been reduced by 90% and building repairs are still continuing.Nevertheless the monastery is  worth a visit,particularly in the monrning when the monstery is at its most active,but also between 3pm and 5pm(not weekends),when debating courtyard.Chapels start to close at 3pm,so it makes sence tosee the monastery chapels before heading to the debating.

      In its heyday,Sera hosted five colleges of instruction,but at the time of the Chinese invasion in 1959 there were were just three:Sera Me specialised in the fundamental precepts of Buddhism; Sera Je in the instruction of itinerant monks from outside central Tibet;and Sera Ngagpa in Tantric studies.

     Sera survied the ravages of the Cultural Revolution with light damage,although many of the lesser colleges were destroyed.

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