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Norbulingka Park
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City: xizang
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        There is a beautiful park in the western suburbs of Lhasa .It used to be the summer Palace for the Dalai Lamas where they handled political affairs ,and practiced religious activities .The construction started in 40s of the 18th century ,covering a floor space of 46 ha. The whole park has more than 370 rooms of different sizes, and lawns ,shaded by  green trees and embroidered by various flowers .With the clear water ,and the flowers and trees around, it is known as the “park within the park

       The summer palace of the Dalai Lamas,the Norbulingka is in the Western part of twon.It ranks well behind the other points of interest in and around Lhasa.The gardens are poorly tended and the lifeless palaces themselves are something of an anticlimax,since most rooms are closed to the public.Avoid the thoroughly depressing zoo.

      This said ,the Norbulingka is worth a visit if you donnot mind the entry fee,and the park is agreat place to be during festival times and public holidays. In the seventh lunar month of every year,the Norbulingka Park is crowded with picnickers for the Shotun festival,when traditional Tibetan opera performances are held here.

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