How to travel to Tibet?


Air:Up till now ,flight is still the safest and most convenient way getting toTibet .all flights to/from Tibet are oprated byAir China .Currently there are flights connecting Lhasa with Shanghai,Chengdu,Beijing,Xi’an ,Guangzhou,Kunming and Kathmandu(ofNepal).However ,the flights are not stable enough due to the influence of changeable weather and different tourist seasons.

Land:Currently there are 5highways connecting Tibet with Qinghai,Yunnan,Sichuan,Xinjiang and Kathmandu(of Nepal).

Qinghai-Tibet highway (xi’ning-Golmud-Lhasa)1947km in distance ,average 4000m in altitude .Tt has better road conditions than other highway,but cold and bleak,almost devoid of interesting sights.

Sichuan-Tibet highway (Chengdu-Lhasa)southern route is 216km,and northern is 2413km.This highway offers spectacular landscape and rich culture diversity.However ,the geographic stunts also making driving difficult even dangerous.Avoid the period of middle November till next March ,and the rainy season of July and Agust.

Yunnan-Tibet highway (Xiaguan-Markam)only 720km.It joins Sichuan-Tibet highway in Markam.

Xinjiang-Tibet highway (Yecheng-Shiquanhe)1179km.Is the highest road ,boasting altitude of 5000m.Due to the awful road condition and harsh surroundings,it is the least recommended highway to tourist.

Friendship highway (Friendship Bridge –Lhasa )771km,is under pretty good conditions.The highlight of this route is the world’s highest peak of Everest.Meanwhile ,the difference views of south and north Himalaya offers a unique experience.

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