How to apply alien's travel permit?

How to get the permit?

To apply for the Permit ,tourists provide the following information:

1. Copies of the valid passport (main pages),Chinese visa, and foreign Residence Permit (main pages, if any )

2. Occupation information

3. Exact travel dates and detailed itinerary

4. The licensed Tibetan agency who is responsible for organizing the tour

Tibet Tourism Bureau Shanghai Office(TTBS)is authorized to issue the Alien’s Travel Permit. Here is the process:

1. Tourists need to to obtain the Chinese visa in their local Chinese embassy/consulate first .Then they should send TTBS the required documents by fax or email.(Singaporeans and Japanese who stay in China within 14 days are not required Chinese visa)

2. After receiving the required documents ,TTBS can issue the Alien’s Travel Permit in 5 working days. However ,it takes more time to arrange flight tickets ,accommodations ect, so please start the process as early as possible.

3. For those who have their agencies to arrange their tours ,the agencies can apply for the Permit on behalf of the tourists.

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